Hi, I'm Sarah

stoked you are here
& can't wait to hangout

laid-back & an introvert at heart, but love meeting every amazing soul.

i am here for you & i want to create the best possible experience.

i love creating authentic moments. i want to know your unique story & connection with each other. laughter, emotion, & romance | thats my vibe. 

being able to vibe with your photographer is so important. let's see if we're a match. 

my pups Aliyah & Thad | the sweetest german shepherd and pitbull you'll ever meet. all they want is attention, cuddles, & treats. can you blame them? 

my hubs | his name is aaron & he is the ray of sunshine that lights up my world.

comedies | new girl, brooklyn nine-nine, schitt's creek

travel | being outdoors and seeing new places makes my heart smile. 

fitness | you can always find me in the gym, it is such a rewarding experience.

things I love